Tala Bee Resort 2012 Maya Dress

It’s great to be back, to the show and our customers!  With our most recent debut at ENK Children’s Club, we had a great response to the new collections.  The response was overwhelming and positive.  They loved the look of the new collection, from the fresh silhouettes to the prints, weight, and hand of the new fabrics.  We are happy that we went with these new fabrics and were able to introduce them in our Resort 2012 collection.

We sent the fabulous Eileen Corrigan in our stead to represent Tala Bee out in New York.  She did a great job and are glad to have her on our team. Here is a picture of our booth, it was small, but eye-catching!  Eileen is a multi-talented force as she is also a merchandiser for a new jewelry line, Chloe and Isabel.

Tala Bee Booth Photo

The timing of the show was impeccable.  As soon as we sent Eileen on her way to New York, baby number two decided he also wanted to make his debut into this world… so we also welcomed Owen into this world on August 4th, 2012!